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Awards & Fellowships

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December 2022 --- Graduated 


Currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Data Science Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles 

June 2016 --- Graduated 

San Jose State University 

Completed my Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems. 

Award and Certificatons

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Awards and Certifications


US Department of State

Received a certificate of recognition from the US State Department for my work with them during my internship


Nike Technology Award

Led my Hackathon Team to victory. We developed a corporate use skill for Amazon's Alexa.


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 


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Courses Taken 

Fall Quarter 2020

Current Topics Data Structure/Data Science

Course covered matrix algebra, statistical inference, MLE, bootstrap, Bayesian Inference, linear regression, predictive modeling, causal inference, MapReduce, Spark 

Winter Quarter 2021

Machine Learning Algorithms 

Course covered K-Nearest Neighbors, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Gaussian Analysis, Overfitting/Regularization 

Spring Quarter 2021

Large Scale Data Mining

Course covered how to construct tf-idf representations of textual data, classification methods, pipelines, K-means Clustering


( 04 )


July 15 2021

Obviously.AI. --thoughts and usage

Been trying this out. Kind of cool although not so sure about the over simplification of the application. I can see this being a great asset to small-mid level firms. Currently working on Coinbase, Nike, and personal school related datasets 

July 5 2021

Google Colab thoughts

I love that anyone can jump right in and start using it. What I do not like is that it times out on you in the middle of a two hour training cycle. I have tried all the shortcuts to no avail. One piece of advice is to change your hardware type for large activities to "TPU". Speeds things up a bit! 

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